What exercises can I do with my toddler?

Exercising with your toddler is feasible but will present some challenges.  Your number one goal should be to work within their schedule.  Toddlers are very active so chasing them around will be your first challenge and this will help keep you active.  Another way to exercise with your toddler is to put them in a stroller and go for a walk, run, hike, and/or bike ride.  All of these forms of exercise will give you some fresh air and your toddler as well but be sure the weather is appropriate. 

Other forms of exercise that can be done with your toddler include some of the following:  Place them on your shoulders and complete squats.  If you are curious how to perform a squat then here is a quick breakdown, find a chair, stand right in front of it with heels towards the chair, place your weight in your heels and bend at your hips, lower yourself to the chair and return to start.  Now add your toddler for some added resistance.  Another exercise would be to complete push-ups with your toddler sitting on your back as if they were about to embark on an adventure!  Push-ups are challenging without added resistance so to help use that chair you previously used for squats, and lower your body towards the chair.  This will raise your body to allow you to complete full range of motion push-ups.  Lastly, keep your toddler on your back and crawl around in your living room.  This may sound like a strange suggestion but crawl around for a while and tell me if you still think the suggestion was worth or not.

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