Are there workout clothes for different types of fitness routines?

Yes and no.  The marketing departments of the clothing and apparel manufacturers would like you to believe that you need a specific outfit for each sport.  When it comes to footwear, you want to specialize.  Running shoes for running, cross trainers for aerobics, flippers for snorkling.

For clothing, it's mostly a matter of comfort and function.  You'll need different clothes if you are running outside in the summer compared to winter, but in either case, comfort should be driving your choice.  Loose clothing that can breathe is great for running, biking and in the gym, while tighter fitting clothing would be best for yoga.  If you are playing golf, check with the course for any requirements that they might have (ie. collared shirts, sleeves, etc.).

For general workouts you should wear comfortable fitting clothes that are breathable. Shorts and a cotton t-shirt usualy work well for most fitness routines. However, if you are going to be training in a very hot or cold environment, you need to take extra consideration regarding your clothing. In cold environments, you need to focus on layering clothing to stay warm enough but these layers also need to be breathable. In hot environments, your focus needs to be on clothing that will wick sweat away from the body so it can be evaporated and keep you cool. If your clothing is restrictive and inhibits the bodies ability to regulate its core temperature, you run the risk of having a heat stroke.

There are a ton of high-tech fabrics and specialized clothing on the market now days. Most of this stuff is unnecesary if you are going to the gym for an hour at a time a couple of days a week. However, if you are an endurance athlete and are spending long hours in your workout attire, you need to consider using specialized equiptment.

Yes. There are Several Factors that go in to choosing proper attire, climate, surface, physical limitations etc. 

I know first hand the amount of research that goes in to product development. Nike spares no expense to understand your needs and develop product with you in mind. 

Yes there are different types of clothing for different types of exercising. If you are running it is best to wear a pair of running shorts and a tank top that is loose and lets air flow freely. If you are doing yoga it is best to wear tight form fitting clothes so you don't get tangled up in your clothes as you go from up dog to down dog. There are different clothes for tennis, soccer, basketball, football, dance, weight lifting etc. If you go into any sporting good store you will see that they have many different types of clothes made for each individual sport there is! This is because different types of workouts call for different types of movements and you don't want your clothes to be a distraction by either being too tight or too lose. For me personally  1/2 the fun of working out is choosing what outfit I will get to wear and sweat in!
John Andrew

Great question! Depending on your activity, length of time doing the activity, ambient temperature, humidity level, sun exposure, etc. these are just a few things to consider when deciding on the various types of fitness clothing that will work best for you.

Are you starting out as a realitively new exerciser? If yes, then don't let the cost of new workout clothes keep you for trying a new routine!

Everything is so sport specific today with all of the advances in technology and what they can do with fabrics. I'd encouarage you to go out and try as many different fitness routines as you are interested in trying before you spend a ton of money on technical fitness clothing.

Have fun, enjoy the routine and then as you decide if this is something you want to continue doing then get the specific clothing for the routine.

I still like to do yoga in comfortable clothing that offers good breathability and range of motion.

The main thing about the clothes is to make sure they are comfortable to you and functional for your routine. Simply meaning you wouldn't want to wear bell bottom jeans to cycle as that would create a problem! Fitted, supportive clothes are usually the best way to go. Women should always invest in good sports bras. Yoga requires a certain flow of movement and ease in the clothing whereas track sports and kickboxing classes benefit from sweat wicking fabrics.

Shoes are of great importance when working out. My general rule of thumb (after being in the group exercise room for 10 years!) is never run in cross trainers and never cross train in runners. Training shoes should fit well from the first time you put them on. There shouldn't be a need to "break them in". Try on a variety of training shoes to get a feel for your feet and remember that taking care of things from the ground up will improve your posture, enhance your workouts, and imcrease the overall effeciency of your kinetic makeup

The most important considerations in determining the appropriate workout clothing are: 

 --Will this clothing alow me to perform all of the excercises in my routine? (range of motion)

--Is this clothing properly equipped for all of the exercises in my routine? (proper shoes, keep my body cool etc...)

If you're talking style, not really that critical

There are different workout clothes for different types of activities and exercise. Psychologically wearing the appropriate clothes and shoes can help boost your motivation to start and continue the activity or exercise by increasing your self esteem and confidence to fit in. 

If you are unsure about proper clothing and shoes check in with others you know who have been involved, the facility where you are participating or do some research online. 

Absolutely! A court shoe for tennis or basketball is made for much different demands than a long distance running shoe. Just the same, shorts and shirts for someone who frequently rock climbs will differ from what a bodybuilder would wear. The goal is to buy to fit the demands of the intensity level you will be working at and pay respects to the environment and comfort you will need during the activity.

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