What will happen on my first prenatal doctor visit during pregnancy?

Your first prenatal visit will be longer and more involved than the others. During your initial visit, you and your provider will calculate your due date and, ideally, begin to discuss your ideas, thoughts, hopes, and plans for your pregnancy. Your provider may confirm your pregnancy through a blood or urine test, and will also obtain a thorough health history of you, your family, and the baby's father. She or he will likely ask you about aspects of your life that may affect your pregnancy and your baby's health. The questions will cover, among other things, your past and present use of drugs (including prescription medicines), cigarettes, and alcohol; your diet (including any vitamins, other supplements, or herbs you may take); your level of physical activity; your occupation and hobbies; whether you have pets; and how much emotional support you have available.

In addition, your provider will give you a thorough physical examination that includes checking your heart and lungs, breasts, abdomen, blood pressure, and weight. She or he may also perform a pelvic exam to measure the size of your uterus (and growing fetus) and to obtain a Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer and infections. A urine sample will be taken in order to check for urinary tract infections and test for sugar in the urine (to detect potential problems with diabetes) or protein that might be a sign of kidney problems.

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