How do I perform rescue breathing on an adult?

 Dr. Kathleen Handal, MD
Emergency Medicine

Check to be sure the person is not breathing. Place your ear above the victim's mouth and nose. Watch for signs of breathing. Gasping is not breathing. If the victim isn’t breathing, start Rescue Breathing. (Use a CPR barrier mask if one is available.) If you have any reservations about giving rescue breathing or consider the victim at high risk for disease transmission, perform Chest Compression – Only CPR. 


 Have victim on a flat surface.
 Pinch the victim's nose to close nostrils, keeping the airway open by the head-tilt, chin-lift. Place one hand on the victim's forehead and put the fingers of your other hand under the bony part of the chin. Press down on the forehead and lift out the chin so that the mouth is slightly open. If you suspect a spinal injury, do not press down on the forehead nor tilt the head back. Simply perform a chin lift. The victim may start to breathe after you open the airway 

Take a deep breath and seal your lips around the outside of the victim's mouth, preferably with a CPR barrier mask, creating an airtight seal.

Give the victim 2 full breaths (1 second each), taking your lips off the victim's mouth to inhale between each breath.


Check for chest rising and falling with each breath you give. The rising of the chest during your exhalations indicates the effectiveness of your breaths. 


Rescue breathing is usually accompanied by chest compressions in an unresponsive person.
CPR is performed  in 5 sets of the 30 chest compressions to 2 Breaths cycle within 2 minutes.


AND is continued CPR until an AED is applied, the vicitm starts to move, help arrives, or until you can no longer continue. 

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