How do I give first aid for poisoning?

If you suspect poisoning, the best first aid is to call a poison control center and ask for help. Do not induce vomiting. Try to identify the poison (such as if you see an empty bottle next to them), which help the center provide proper treatment techniques. If the poison came from fumes, get the person into fresh air. If the poison spilled on the person, get them out of their clothing and flush the affected area with water. If the person is not breathing, having seizures, or is restless, seek emergency medical treatment.

If you come across someone who has been poisoned by ingestion, inhalation or injection, there are a couple of very important steps you can take to prevent serious negative outcomes. The first (and most important) step is to tell someone to call poison control (1-800-222-1222); if you are alone, you should contact them before providing first aid to the affected person. Poison control will give step-by-step directions based on the specific poisoning. The next step is to check the person's airway, breathing and pulse, and, if necessary, start CPR/rescue breaths. Otherwise, roll the patient onto his side and keep him comfortable until you are able to get him medical attention. Do not attempt to make the person vomit unless told to do so by poison control or a medical professional. Be sure to take note of the suspected poison and if it is on the person's clothes or in the air. Remove the affected person's clothes or remove the person from the area (if it is safe to do so). 

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