How do I give first aid for a blister?

If a blister is not too painful, it is best to leave it alone. If it has popped, it should be cleaned with soap and water and treated with a topical antibiotic ointment. If the blister is painful, you can pop it in the following manner: Clean the area and your hand thoroughly with soap and water and an alcohol swab. Use a sterile pen or needle to puncture the blister and relieve the pressure by allowing the fluid to drain. An antibiotic ointment should then be applied. After several days, it is okay to remove the dead overlying skin with tweezers or scissors that have been sterilized. If it begins to look infected, or if there is redness around the blister with pus draining out of it, your doctor should evaluate you, as it may have become infected.

Treatment of blisters depends on their cause. Blisters that are symptomatic of a disease or disorder require treatment of the illness itself. Blisters caused by friction or trauma can be treated by cleansing with mild soap, applying an antiseptic, and covering the area with a sterile bandage.

If you have diabetes or bad circulation see your health care provider. With proper treatment, most minor blisters will heal without complication in a matter of days.

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