What do I do if my child cuts himself with a kitchen knife?

Leigh Vinocur, MD
Emergency Medicine
If you childr cuts his or herself with a knife:

– Wash the cut with soap and water.

– Put pressure on it with a clean gauze to stop or control the bleeding after you clean it.

– If the cut is longer than a centimeter, your finger or hand feels numb, or you see tissue coming out of the wound, you may need stitches. Go to an emergency room to have it evaluated.

– If the person feels dizzy or weak, lay them down and call 911. 
Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery
All knife cuts should be taken seriously with children. Not only should the cut be attended to, but a booster tetanus shot may also be necessary. It is important that both the plastic surgery and the pediatrician or emergency physician be involved. If any risk or sign of infection, then antibiotics may be warranted as well.

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