How should I use a manufactured tourniquet to control bleeding?

Note: Always follow standard precautions and call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying a tourniquet.
  • Position the tourniquet around the limb, approximately 2 inches (about 2 finger widths) above the wound but not over a joint.
[media id="4e80d8f6decf43_49637955" title="Arc SS CH7 UMT Figure 1"]
  • Route the tag end of the strap through the buckle, if necessary.
  • Pull the strap tightly and secure it in place.

[media id="4e80d92fb32421_69920245" title="Arc SS CH7 UMT Figure 2"]

  • Tighten the tourniquet by twisting the rod until the flow of bleeding stops and secure the rod in place. Do not cover the tourniquet with clothing.

    • Note and record the time that you applied the tourniquet and give this information to emergency medical service (EMS) personnel.

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