How should I apply an elastic roller bandage to treat a wound?

To apply an elastic roller bandage:
  • Check the circulation of the limb beyond where you will be placing the bandage by checking for feeling, warmth, and color.
  • Place the end of the bandage against the skin and use overlapping turns.
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  • Gently stretch the bandage as you continue wrapping. The wrap should cover a long body section, like an arm or a calf, beginning at the point farthest from the heart. For a joint like a knee or ankle, use figure-eight turns to support the joint.
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  • Check the snugness of the bandaging -- a finger should easily, but not loosely, pass under the bandage.
  • Always check the area above and below the injury site for feeling, warmth, and color, especially fingers and toes, after you have applied an elastic roller bandage. By checking both before and after bandaging, you will be able to tell if any tingling or numbness is from the bandaging or the injury.

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