What spiders are dangerous?

Few spiders in the United States can cause serious illness or death. However, the bites of the black widow and brown recluse spiders can, in rare cases, kill a person. Another dangerous spider is the Northwestern brown, or hobo, spider.
Jonathon E. Pangia, DO
Emergency Medicine
There are really two spiders in the country that are most famous for being rather dangerous -- but very rarely are they ever going to be life-threatening or limb-threatening. That is the black widow spider and the brown recluse. The black widow spider is in all 50 states and the brown recluse is in a very limited part of the country. The black widow is very small, it lives in dark, cool places -- particularly little holes. That's the spider you'll find that's made its web in the sunken spigot in your backyard or is under the pad of that plastic basketball hoop in the backyard.
The brown recluse is much more of a woods spider and loves to hide out under leaves and in different areas like that. It is actually significantly larger than the black widow spider. The brown recluse likes to hide under things like a pile of leaves, under dirty laundry left astray on the floor or inside bed sheets.

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