What do I need to know about a snake bite?

If you get a snake bite, call 911 from a landline if possible. If you aren't sure what type of snake bit you, try to remember the color or pattern or snap a photo on your smart phone. That can help the doctors or paramedics identify the type of snake and whether or not it is poisonous. Some poisonous snakes can bite more than once, so don’t try to catch or kill the snake yourself.

Keep calm and get to a hospital right away for antivenom. Don't try to suck the venom out and don't tie a tourniquet around the area. 

To prevent snakes in your area, clear away any brush or fields of wild flowers. Consider installing a snake fence around the perimeter of your yard. When at a park or hiking, don’t wander into areas of brush or shrubbery and stay on the path while hiking. 

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