Can a lot of chest hair interfere with AED pad-to-skin contact?

Deb Cordes
Deb Cordes on behalf of Sigma Nursing
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Yes, if the person has a lot of chest hair it sometimes can interfere with the pad adhering to the skin appropriately. Some AED kits come with razors and it would be beneficial to shave as much hair off as possible to ensure that you have good pad to skin contact. It is very important that you do not take too much time to shave the hair. The goal is to deliver the shock to the person as quickly as possible.

Some men have excessive chest hair that may interfere with AED pad-to-skin contact, although it's a rare occurrence.

Since time is critical in a cardiac arrest situation and chest hair rarely interferes with pad adhesion, attach the pads and analyze the heart's rhythm as soon as possible.

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