Take Your Mind off Your Money

Learn how to focus your mental energies on staying under budget.

Tempted to tally up all the money you spent last month? Here's a reason to limit your assess-the-damage session.

Dwelling on money spent can mess with a person's well-being, research shows. Not only does confidence take a hit, but personal pain thresholds dip, too. So do a quick tally, but don't obsess. Instead, focus your mental energies on staying under budget in the coming months.

Money on Your Mind
Here's another little thing you might do to feel better about your finances. Count out that jar of change you've been collecting. Researchers found that counting money helped people feel more confident and more comfortable.

Dollars and Symbols
In a small study, college students who were asked to count out stacks of money were less likely to feel rejected when they later played a virtual game of catch and got excluded halfway through it. Funny how thinking about money changes the way our minds and bodies work—even when the money isn't ours! 

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