Why should I treat my money the same way I treat my body?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine

While we know that financial burdens can weigh us down, a lot of us would like to ignore the issues until a crisis happens - simply because we don't know all that much about it. As you know with your body, the smartest approach is to think about your health all the time - not a few minutes before the ambulance arrives. So instead of burying your head, apply some standards of health to your financial attitudes. Overspending is like overeating (serious aging or a serious price to pay with no easy answer if it gets out of control). Day trading is like binge eating sugar and saturated-fat-laden foods (feels good at the time, but not so much over the long haul). A retirement account is like exercise (do a little bit along the way and the long-term benefits are exponentially greater than the investment). The fact is if you treat your money with the same respect and care you ought to treat your body, then there's simply a decreased chance you're going to need financial CPR.

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