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Ease Pain from Fibromyalgia SECTION 3 - Living with Fibro
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Manage Emotions

Discover 3 ways to stay postive and manage the emotions of fibro pain and fatigue.

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Living with fibromyalgia can understandably trigger a lot of negative emotions about yourself, your life, and even your relationships. But if you can learn to manage those bad feelings in positive ways, you'll give yourself the best shot at living well with fibromyalgia. Here are three ways to start feeling better:

  • Say "I have fibromyalgia." Pretending you feel fine when you don't isn't the answer. In fact, people with fibromyalgia who learn to accept their condition and their fibro symptoms are better able to cope with it. What's more, research also suggests that fibromyalgia patients who use avoidance as a coping method for negative feelings tend to experience increased fibro pain. Acknowledge the fact that fibromyalgia is a real medical illness, and find healthy outlets for your feelings about it.
  • Write about your fibromyalgia. Writing your feelings down in a personal diary or symptoms journal is one healthy way to express how you feel about having fibromyalgia and may be very therapeutic.
  • Be positive about fibromyalgia treatment. It's impossible to simply smile in the face of severe fibro pain and fatigue. However, studies suggest that some people with fibromyalgia tend to "catastrophize" their fibro pain. Understandable. But it's also disempowering. Try to cast down negative thoughts and beliefs about your fibromyalgia, and begin to cultivate more positive ones instead. Seek out counselors, self-help books, or online fibromyalgia support groups that can help you foster positive, empowered thinking.