Self-Care for Fibromyalgia Pain

Self-Care for Fibromyalgia Pain

Discover three simple self-care pain relievers that can help ease fibromyalgia pain.

Your best bet for easing fibro pain? Try everything. That's right. Research suggests that a multifaceted approach works best for easing fibromyalgia pain. Your doctor may recommend pain medication, but you should also live a healthy lifestyle and investigate fibromyalgia self-care pain relief approaches, like these: 

  • Seek heat for pain. Soaking in a warm tub may seem to pull the fibro pain right out of you. But does heat really help fibromyalgia pain? Research suggests that warm water—whether you exercise in a heated pool or just lounge in a warm bath or Jacuzzi—curbs fibromyalgia pain and stiffness. For fibro pain relief on the go, keep moist hot packs at the office or in your travel bag. 
  • Try ice for pain. It's not certain whether ice or cold packs can relieve musculoskeletal fibromyalgia pain. But cold therapy can ease soft tissue pain associated with sports injuries and other rheumatic diseases, so it's worth a try to see whether ice does help fibromyalgia pain. 
  • Rub on pain cream. Applying over-the-counter analgesic ointments has been shown to curb mild pain associated with osteoarthritis, muscle spasms and sports injuries, so it's another promising fibromyalgia self-care strategy worth exploring for pain. Look for creams with arnica, winter green, menthol, camphor or peppermint. 

Medically reviewed in August 2018. Updated in March 2021. 

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