Key Questions to ask About Fibromyalgia

Key Questions to ask About Fibromyalgia

Learn important questions to ask a doctor about fibromyalgia treatment.

Here's a list of key questions to ask the doctor to help you understand his or her qualifications and approach to fibromyalgia therapy, as well as to help you understand your fibromyalgia treatment options:

  • What is fibro? How do you describe fibromyalgia to your patients?
  • How many fibromyalgia patients have you treated? How many do you currently treat?
  • Do you feel confident diagnosing fibromyalgia and treating fibromyalgia?
  • What pain medications do you commonly prescribe to fibromyalgia patients?
  • What fibromyalgia treatments have you recommended for sleep problems, depression, and other coexisting conditions?
  • How do you feel about prescribing alternative treatments in addition to medications for fibromyalgia? What ones do you often recommend for my fibromyalgia?
  • Do you think physical therapy might be helpful for treating my fibromyalgia?
  • If I have questions about my fibromyalgia symptoms or medications between appointments, what should I do?

Although fibromyalgia researchers are working hard to understand the physical and neurological mechanisms behind the condition, it is still not clearly understood. That makes it even more important to choose the right fibromyalgia doctor and make an ongoing commitment to creating, monitoring, and modifying your fibromyalgia treatment. Tailoring the right fibro treatment plan is often a trial-and-error process, but with the right level of commitment—from both you and your doctor—you'll end up with a comprehensive treatment plan that can help you through your best and worst days with fibromyalgia.

Medically reviewed in August 2018.

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