Fibromyalgia and Sleep Problems

Fibromyalgia and Sleep Problems

Get solutions to your sleep problems and find out how to make them part of your fibromyalgia treatment plan.

If you have fibromyalgia and suspect you have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome, talk with your doctor. These two sleep conditions are somewhat common in people with fibromyalgia and need to be treated individually. Beyond that, general sleep difficulty is common with fibromyalgia. But you don't have to live with sleepless nights. In fact, you shouldn't. Because a sleep debt will only make coping with your fibro symptoms worse.

Ask about sleep medications for people with fibro. Your doctor-prescribed fibromyalgia treatment plan should not only help relieve fibro pain but also help relieve any anxiety you may be feeling and help you sleep better if you're experiencing sleep difficulties. Ask your doctor to help you explore all the options for tailoring the right fibromyalgia treatment plan for you.

Check your habits. Sometimes, what you do before going to bed determines whether or not you'll sleep once you get there. So avoid caffeine after lunch, avoid exercise and other stimulating activities like shopping online, logging on to Facebook or watching action-packed thrillers around bedtime, and make sure your bedroom creates the perfect environment for sleep: cool, dark, quiet, and completely comfortable.

Get a handle on stress. If you have stressful, anxious feelings when you hit the sheets, or when you wake up unexpectedly, it's time to employ a few stress-reduction strategies as a regular part of your pre-bedtime habits. A journal in which you write down your worries—or the things you are thankful for—can help release stressful thoughts, too.

Medically reviewed in August 2018.

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