What should I avoid while taking Lyrica?

While taking Lyrica, it is important not to drink alcohol, as it increases some side effects. Because Lyrica and alcohol affect each other, you may experience increased dizziness or severe drowsiness that can impair your functioning. Until you are familiar with your personal reaction to Lyrica, you should not drive, operate machinery or perform activities that require much coordination. This is because some people who take Lyrica experience unfamiliar drowsiness that can impair their normal reactions. Because Lyrica can cause drowsiness, it may intensify the effects of other medications that have the same effect. Some examples of these medications include: those treating depression, anxiety, allergies, sleep disorders, colds or seizures. Though your doctor will prescribe the correct dosage of Lyrica to fit your needs, it is important not to use substances that cause excess drowsiness while taking Lyrica. Also, avoid abrupt or rapid discontinuation, as this may result in diarrhea, headaches, insomnia or nausea. If you are to stop taking Lyrica, your doctor should gradually decrease your dosage over time rather than discontining abruptly.