Can acupuncture help treat fibromyalgia?

Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Family Practitioner

Some, though not all, studies on acupuncture in people with fibromyalgia suggest that it may help to manage pain and other fibromyalgia symptoms. In one review of seven studies, researchers found that fibromyalgia patients who had acupuncture treatment experienced a reduction in pain and needed less medication. In another study, fibromyalgia patients who received electroacupuncture (in which needles deliver a mild electric current) had a 70% improvement in pain and sleep quality. Other studies have failed to show that acupuncture offers fibromyalgia patients any benefit.

If you would like to consider using acupuncture as an alternative therapy for fibromyalgia, talk with your doctor or healthcare provider first. Look for a licensed practitioner who has experience treating people wih fibromyalgia.

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