Is morning stiffness related to fibromyalgia?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Morning stiffness is very common in people with fibromyalgia. You wake up in the morning and your muscles and joints are stiff and painful. Just because you have morning stiffness doesn't mean you have fibromyalgia, though. Other conditions can cause it. If you have morning stiffness, see your doctor. He can run tests to make sure you don't have another condition and ask you specific questions about your other symptoms to determine if you have fibromyalgia.
People with fibromyalgia may feel pain or stiffness upon getting up in the morning. Another possible symptom of fibromyalgia is extreme tiredness or trouble sleeping. If you are having difficulty getting to sleep or sleeping soundly, this may add to the morning stiffness you may experience.

Talk to your doctor about your morning stiffness so you can get an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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