Can fibromyalgia cause weight gain?

In short, no, fibromyalgia does not directly cause weight gain; however, weight change is a common complaint of these patients. Fibromyalgia is considered the most common cause of generalized body pain in women between the ages of 20 and 55 years. Another common symptom is fatigue. Minor physical activities can often worsen the pain and fatigue. Because of this, many patients limit their activity and will gain weight as a result. On the flip side, extended periods of inactivity can worsen the pain and fatigue, too. Through research, it was found that working with your doctor and a trainer or physical therapist, one can develop an individual aerobic exercise program that can reduce overall pain and improve physical function. The fibromyalgia patient should start with low impact aerobic activities like fast walking, swimming and biking, slowly building up to a beneficial fitness program.

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