How can I channel my anger with fibromyalgia into positive healing?

Anger is a normal and natural emotion. However, it becomes destructive when we let it consume our life, have a negative impact our relationships, or keep us from performing our best. Did you know that anger can actually make your fibromyalgia worse?  Inhibiting your anger may increase your sensitivity to pain. Suppressing or holding in your anger may make you more aware of it and making you feel angrier. You may feel no escape from your emotion. 

Here are some quick tips to help you find healthy outlets to express your anger.

  1. Accept your anger as a normal emotion. Stop fighting it; rather accept it for what it is an emotion. Don’t hold onto it as it will consume you. You are not your anger rather it is a part of you but not all of you. 
  2. Find an outlet to release your anger. Choose an activity that you enjoy. Make sure that you incorporate that activity as a part of your daily life. We all need make sure that we are engaging in things that bring us joy. 
  3. Find your voice to express yourself. Use assertion not aggression to articulate how you feel; as Stephen Covey put it “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood”.
  4. Anger masks other emotions. Odds are your anger is concealing an underlying emotion, i.e., hurt, pain, shame, guilt, anxiety, or fear. Go to the root of your anger. Address the true emotion that you’re feeling and work on that, by default your anger will decrease.
  5. Work on changing your perspective. Listen to the words you feed yourself. Are you saying more negative things than positive?  If so, spin those thoughts around and change your self-talk.
  6. Channel that anger toward the positive. Join a fibromyalgia support group; if your neighborhood doesn’t have one start one. Organize an event to increase public awareness of fibromyalgia. Regardless of what it is, find something that you can get involved in to make a difference in your life and others as well.

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