How should I feel about my body's changes due to fibromyalgia?

It can be frustrating and emotionally difficult when your body becomes increasingly sensitive to pain and you're easily fatigued. But try to focus on the positive. Be extra mindful of all the things you can do, and celebrate the good days when you're feeling less pain and fatigue. Cheer your body on; don't lash out at it. Start and end each day with a few optimistic thoughts. It may help to keep a happiness journal, noting what your body did for you each day and how it performed well, among other things.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
It's normal to feel a range of emotions as you think about the ways that fibromyalgia has changed your body. Anger is one common emotion, of course. People who are diagnosed with serious illnesses often find themselves asking 'Why did this have to happen to me?' Others may go through a phase of denial, where they pretend to themselves and others that everything is just fine.

Having such emotions about the changes fibromyalgia brings are part of a natural grieving process. The process is normal and healthy, and can ultimately bring you to a point of accepting the ways in which you have changed. When you reach that point, you're ready to move ahead and pursue a satisfying life.

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Sharing Care About Fibromyalgia
Sharing Care About Fibromyalgia

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