Is fibro fog real?

Dawn Marcus
Problems with concentration, attention, memory, and being able to plan and complete tasks are commonly seen in people with fibromyalgia. These symptoms are also referred to as fibro fog, a term that describes a feeling of being stuck in a cloud that limits a person's ability to perform mental tasks.

Objective tests support what people with fibromyalgia report with regard to fibro fog. The simple memory tests that doctors perform in their offices won't identify these problems, but they can be documented by neuropsychological testing, which involves an in-depth battery of psychological tests. Researchers from the University of Michigan compared what people with fibromyalgia said about their memory and how well they performed on detailed memory testing. This important study showed that people with fibromyalgia are good judges of their memory function, and that they don't need sophisticated neuropsychological tests to know they have fibro fog.
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