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Why is preparing my own food helpful for weight control with fibromyalgia?

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    If you can cook, you win two big points in the diet war. Preparing at least some meals yourself can be invaluable in weight loss and management because you can control the quality of the ingredients. The University of Tennessee’s nutrition expert Dr. Barbara Clarke comments, “It’s very important to have cooking skills to manage your diet in a simple, healthful, and controllable way.”

    Peggy Jensen, a registered dietitian in Virginia, agrees: “The biggest obstacle is a mind-set that I don’t have time for this. It’s not about preparing foods from scratch but preparing what you eat. When you get into it, you realize it doesn’t take more time than the junky stuff.”

    Cooking can be tough for some people with fibromyalgia. Oregon fibromyalgia expert Dr. Kim Dupree Jones advises, “Fatigue is a huge problem with fibromyalgia, so use already cut-up fruits and vegetables to save your time and energy. That way, when you are already exhausted, you won’t reach for fast food, but will eat more sensibly.”
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