Living With Fibromyalgia

How can my partner and I best deal with my fibromyalgia together?

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  • Dealing with fibromyalgia is always a team effort for a couple when one person is living with the condition. You and your partner should be willing to talk openly about your fibromyalgia. You may need to adjust household roles and responsibilities to accommodate your fibromyalgia treatment, and your partner should be willing to discuss these changes and help put them into action. For example, your partner can help you commit to a new sleep schedule or bedtime routine that eases the symptoms of fibromyalgia. The two of you can attend support-group meetings together; these can be beneficial for people with fibromyalgia and their loved ones. Finally, enjoying moderate exercise together, such as an evening walk, and committing to eating healthy meals together are great ways to deal with fibromyalgia as a duo and will lead to healthier lives for both of you.
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    Communication is important in any relationship. When one partner has fibromyalgia or any chronic condition, maintaining open lines of communication becomes even more crucial. Just keep in mind that the information has to flow both ways. You must be able to tell your partner what you need and be candid about the limitations fibromyalgia imposes on you. Likewise, you need to be all ears when your partner expresses his or her frustration, depression, or anger about your condition. It won't always be easy, trust me. But openness and honesty are essential therapies when one partner has fibromyalgia.
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