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Why does fibromyalgia cause fatigue?

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  • Most people with fibromyalgia feel tired or fatigued. Feeling that you are out of energy is in part due to increased levels of pain. Other symptoms of fibromyalgia include sleeplessness, which can add to the fatigue.

    If you are experiencing fibromyalgia symptoms that are affecting your quality of life or fatigue levels that affect your productivity, talk to your doctor. Treatment options are available to help with your fibromyalgia symptoms, including fatigue.
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    Fibromyalgia causes fatigue by degrading the quality of your sleep. Sleep studies show that people with fibromyalgia have abnormal sleep patterns. Their brain waves resemble both waking and sleeping states. The fancy term for it is "alpha NREM sleep." This mixed kind of sleep doesn't really restore you. You wake up fatigued. That's why tackling sleep problems is key to helping to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms. Exercise can help improve the quality of your sleep. If you take prescription medications for your fibromyalgia pain, work with your doctor to make sure that your medications also help you sleep better. Some medicines do both.
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