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Can I tell the gender of my baby by my belly shape?

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    Your friends and family may enjoy looking at your belly and guessing the gender of your baby. However, it is not an accurate way to do so. So don’t decide on your baby's nursery color based on their guesses. The most accurate way to tell if you are having a boy or girl is to have an ultrasound or blood test. The only way you will know for sure is when the baby is born. Speak to your OBGYN about gender testing.
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    That's usually an old wives' tale. However, there's a 50% chance your guess is correct! 
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    Can I tell the gender of my baby by my belly shape?
    You can not find out the sex of the baby by the shape of the belly. Watch Nancy Rector-Finney, MD, with Methodist Children's Hospital, explain that the gender depends on how you are carrying the fetus.
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    Lots of people believe that the shape of their belly reflects the gender of the baby inside. Many think, for instance, that you've got a boy if you have a basketball belly (with no fat anywhere else), and you're carrying a girl if you're shaped more like a watermelon (fat all the way around, like an inner tube). The truth is that belly shape has nothing to do with the gender of your child, but rather your body type, fitness, and genetics—specifically, the elasticity of your belly, as well as the length of your belly from your pubic bone to your xyphoid (the lowest junction in the middle of your chest).
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