How does a baby develop in the second and third trimester of pregnancy?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
The second and third trimester is an active time in an unborn baby's life. Learn about this progress as Dr. Oz explains in a video how a baby develops from the time it is 14 weeks old until it is born.

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When does the sense of touch develop in a fetus?
Dr. Michael Roizen, MDDr. Michael Roizen, MD
The first sense to emerge, touch happens as early as 7 ½ weeks, when your baby can first sense touch...
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How does a non-stress test measure a fetus's heart rate?
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MDDr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Performed in the third trimester, this test monitors the fetus's heart rate as a sign of his health....
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When does the sense of smell develop in a fetus?
Dr. Michael Roizen, MDDr. Michael Roizen, MD
It used to be that scientists believed fetuses had about as much of a sense of smell as they had a s...
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What determines the sex of a baby?
Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhDDr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
In humans, the sex of the baby is determined by the sperm. The sperm gamete is heterogamatic because...
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