What pregnancy screening tests do I need if I'm over 35?

A pregnant woman over age 35 may need more frequent prenatal visits or more screenings to rule out fetal abnormalities, in addition to getting the standard tests associated with pregnancy in the first trimester. Your doctor may begin with a nuchal scan, a special ultrasound that can help identify some chromosomal conditions. There are also a number of noninvasive maternal blood tests with greater than 99% accuracy in detecting chromosomal abnormalities. For moms over age 35, these tests would be routine. From there, if there is an indication that something is wrong, you may need more invasive testing such as amniocentesis or chorionic villi screening.

These tests are recommended because pregnant women over age 35 have a higher risk of having a child with a chromosomal disorder, such as Down syndrome. Doctors will also watch the mother’s health carefully because her risk of complications -- such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and placenta previa -- is going to be higher.

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