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What is pregnancy with multiples?

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  • Years ago, most twins came as a surprise. Now, thanks to advances in prenatal care, most women learn about a multiple pregnancy early. You might suspect you are pregnant with multiples if you have more severe body changes, including:

    Rapid weight gain in the first trimester Intense nausea and vomiting Extreme breast tenderness

    Your doctor can confirm whether you are carrying more than one baby through ultrasound. If you are pregnant with twins or other multiples, you will need to see your doctor more often than women who are carrying only one baby because your risk of complications is greater. Women carrying more than one baby are at higher risk of:

    Preterm birth Low birth weight Preeclampsia Gestational diabetes Cesarean birth

    More frequent prenatal visits help your doctor to monitor your and your babies' health. Your doctor will also tell you how much weight to gain, if you need to take extra vitamins, and how much activity is safe. With close monitoring, your babies will have the best chance of being born near term and at a healthy weight.

    After delivery and once your babies come home, you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Ask for help from your partner, family, and friends. Volunteer help and support groups for parents of multiples also can ease the transition.

    This answer is based on source information from the National Women's Health Information Center .

  • A Paula Greer, Midwifery Nursing, answered

    A multiple pregnancy simply means you are carrying more than one baby. This most often is twins although with so many couples now seeking help with fertility it can mean triplets or even quadruplets or more. Anytime there is more than one baby in the uterus the pregnancy can be more complicated and high risk as multiples often come early.

  • ADeborah Raines, MSN, Nursing, answered on behalf of Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
    A pregnancy with multiple is when the woman is carrying more than one fetus. Today with advancements in infertility treatment multiple gestation pregnancies are occuring with increased frequency.
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