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What should I do if I'm pregnant and have headaches?

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  • Headaches during pregnancy require attention from your healthcare providers. Many who suffer from migraines do better during pregnancy. However, some of the most common treatments for headaches are not safe for the baby and need to be stopped. Also, a headache can be a signal of other problems in the pregnancy. Any sort of headache is cause for a discussion with your healthcare providers. Conversations about headache management can also be useful before getting pregnant to help you get on a safe regimen for the baby.
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    Here are general recommendations for pregnant patients who have headaches:
    • Quit smoking if you didn't do so in the pre-pregnancy period.
    • Eat regular meals and snacks; don't skip meals, especially breakfast.
    • Get a good night's sleep every night.
    • Learn effective relaxation techniques.
    • Learn headache-relieving neck stretching exercises.
    • Don't use over-the-counter, herbal, or supplement remedies without
             first discussing them with your healthcare provider.
    • Use safe and effective therapies to treat and relieve nausea.
    • Develop a plan for treating severe headaches with your doctor. Make
             sure you know which treatments to try first.
    • Talk to your doctor about prevention therapy if you are having
             frequent severe headaches.
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