What should I know about Myobloc before taking it?

Before taking Myobloc (botulinum toxin B), you should be aware of how various illnesses are affected by this medication. If you have muscle problems or nerve problems, notify your doctor before taking Myobloc. You should also be cautious about taking this medication if you have heart problems or recently had a heart attack. If you have seizures, an overactive thyroid problem, bleeding disorders, or weakness of muscles where you would receive your Myobloc injection, this medication may trigger additional health problems. Be cautious, also, if you have eye disorders, problems with swallowing or breathing, infection, inflammation, or scarring of your skin where you would receive your injection. In addition, if you are pregnant or are breast-feeding, you may not be able to use Myobloc. If you take medications such as atracurium, gentamicin, neostigmine, or clindamycin, taking Myobloc may increase their blood levels in your body. If you take the medication warfarin while taking Myobloc, you risk bleeding at the injection site. Talk to your doctor about all of your health concerns before taking Myobloc. Once you are prescribed Myobloc, let your doctor know if you experience any unusual side effects. Myobloc has the ability to spread from the injection site to other areas of your body and can result in a very serious condition known as botulism. If you experience muscle weakness, blurred vision, loss of your strength, hoarseness, sagging eyelids, bladder weakness, trouble breathing, swallowing or speaking, see your doctor immediately.

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People with neuromuscular disorders have a higher risk of severe swallowing and breathing problems w...
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