How can I tell if I have pelvic prolapse?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)

Learn signs of a pelvic prolapse in this video with Dr. Oz, Dr. Elizabeth Mueller, Dr. Mary Pat Fitzgerald and Dr. Kimberly Kenton.

You can tell if you have pelvic prolapse based on the symptoms:

  • pressure in the vagina
  • something protruding through the opening of the vagina
  • dryness
  • painful intercourse
  • trouble initiating going to the bathroom
  • trouble emptying all the way
  • recurrent infection
  • incontinence of urine or stool

To find out for sure if you have pelvic prolapse, see an OBGYN who deals with prolapse regularly or a urogynecolgist.

If you can see or feel a bulge coming out of your vaginal area, you may have pelvic prolapse.

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