How can I manage hurt feelings?

Kathy Sowder
One way to manage hurt feelings is to try to look at what occurred in a different way. It may be that you misinterpreted what happened, or assumed that the other person had different motives than they really did. If this doesn`t help, talking to another person (not as gossip, though), about it may help you either see it differently, or to feel better by releasing that energy. Another option is to talk to that other person directly, asking what they were thinking when it happened, or tell them it has been on your mind and you needed to clarify what happened. If you still feel hurt, it is often helpful to write a letter (not to mail) telling that person what you really want to say, and then tear it up as a way of letting it go so you can move on.
Sometimes in our interactions with other people, feelings get hurt because we make the most incredible assumptions and act as if they are true. Rather than assuming, it might be worth the risk to ask directly what was meant. Emotions are a natural response to life. It is important to find ways to express all of your feelings. Journaling your thoughts is one way that can help you clarify what you are feeling. Once you have identified your feelings, you may find it easier to share them with others.

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