What are fat replacers?

Fat replacers are ingredients that manufacturers put in food to play the role of some of the fat in that food. These "replacers" can be made of carbohydrate, protein, or fat. The reason that fat replacers may be advantageous to your diet is the simple fact that fat contains 9 calories per gram of food, a very high energy content for a small amount of food. (Carbohydrate and protein have only 4 calories per gram.)

On the other hand, many fat replacers, particularly if they are carbohydrate- and protein-based, contain only 5 calories per gram of food. So, if you eat the same weight of food, you actually get half as many calories and might, therefore, lose weight. The problem is that many people assume that fat-free foods are so much lower in calories that they can eat larger servings of them. This is not the case; fat free does not mean calorie free.

Also, watch for fat replacers that are made of carbohydrate because they will have an effect on your blood glucose level.

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