How can I reinforce our family mission statement?

Lynne Kenney
To reinforce your family mission statement:

Write it down. Put your mission statement to work by writing it down and putting it up somewhere prominent, like on the ‘fridge or the family bulletin board. Children will feel especially invested if they get to create the document and decorate it themselves. And I wouldn’t mind at all if you too picked up a crayon and added some artistic touches.

Draw it. Speaking of crayons, etc… I personally like using the symbolic image of a house to reinforce the purpose of the family mission (and values and rules). You can ask your kids to draw a simple picture of a house, leaving space along the bottom to write your mission, and space at either side to fill in with your values and rules. Your picture can be a vivid, visual reminder that your Family Mission Statement is the all-important floor that supports your values and rules, and everything you do as a family. You might end up decorating the walls with everyone’s favorite activities.

Review it. However you document your family mission statement, be sure to review it regularly to ensure that you’re living up to your mission together.

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