How can I involve my kids in creating a family mission statement?

Lynne Kenney
Invite the children to the dining table or the den or any place that feels comfortable to all of you. Go ahead and throw some pillows on the floor, perhaps. I recommend putting out some crayons or colorful markers along with some big sheets of paper for jotting your ideas down.

Go through the following list of questions with your children.

1. Is our faith or spirituality important?
2. Are we committed to some cause?
3. Do we have a strong belief in a particular code of conduct?
4. What are the guiding principles we/I want the children to grow up with?
5. What do we want others to think of when our family name comes up?
6. What are the things we want our family to accomplish?
7. Looking back in ten, twenty and thirty years, how will we know we created the kind of family we are proud of?

Do some of their answers surprise you? Take note of those things that you didn’t expect. And give yourself a little pat on the back when your kids show wisdom beyond their years. Share your responses with them and see if they agree. Remember, there are no wrong answers.

I encourage you to let your kids disagree with you. Take the time to find out why they think the way they do and let them know why you think the way you do.

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