How can I keep my father's memory alive in my children?

Armin Brott

Your dad may be physically gone, but there are lots of ways to keep his memory alive. The best is to talk about him often with your children. If you have an important memento, display it in your house and tell your kids why it was special to Grandpa.

Show them photos, tell them what he liked to do, and encourage them to ask questions about him. And have them ask Grandma what he liked to do with you. Tell our kids stories about your childhood and the things you did with your dad. If Grandpa liked to fish, take them to the lake. If he liked basketball, get them into a league and volunteer to coach. The more you bring him back into your life, the more your kids will get to know him. Read them his favorite books, have a movie night with his favorite movies or learn an instrument together if your dad played one. There are endless ways you can teach your kids about your dad.

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