How should I hold a family meeting?

Michele Borba
The best way for kids to learn to express themselves is right at home, so why not start “Family Debates” or if you prefer the gentler-sounding approach: “Family Meetings.” Start by setting these five family rules:

1. Everyone is listened to.

2. No putdowns are allowed.

3. You may disagree, but do so respectfully.

4. Talk calmly.

5. Everyone gets a turn.

Topics can be the hot button issues in the world, in school, or right in your home. Here are just a few discussion possibilities: house rules, sibling conflicts, allowances, chores, curfews, parent-set movie restrictions. “Real world” issues could include: reparations, the Iraq War, the draft, lowering the voting age, legalizing drugs. Whatever the topic, encourage your hesitant child to speak up and be heard.

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