How can I manage my family schedule?

Lynne Kenney
Let’s begin with Monday. What time do you wake up? What is the first thing that happens in your home? Perhaps you get up early to do some housecleaning chores before you go off to work. Maybe you get up early to check your emails before the kids wake up. You might sleep in because you work the nightshift. Now look at the rest of the week. What do you do consistently, either daily or just once a week?

There are lots of ways to represent your family’s schedule. Here’s one I like. It’s simple and there’s no right or wrong about it:

If you wish, you can start by taking out some markers and paper and then drawing lots of ovals or squares all over. Then fill them in with some of the activities that make up your week. You might even prefer a time-line. Sometimes I make shape diagrams (like the old bubble charts you used to write fourth grade papers) on the top of a posterboard with a time-line below. What matters is that now you’re creating a picture of your days right there in front of you. Laying it all out like this can help you feel more organized because you can see it. When I can draw out the parts of my week I begin to see a pattern to it - a rhythm. I feel like now I can move the pieces around and actually manage them better. Maybe I’ll cut the shapes out and paste them on a poster board signifying what happens on what day and time. You might even take one of your ovals and throw it away, thinking, “I don’t need that to be part of my week.” Play with it, think it, ponder it. This is your life every day; what do you want it to look like?

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