Should I have laser eye surgery if I have contact lens keratitis?

David R. Demartini, MD
Therre are many types of inflammation of the cornea ("keratitis"). If the keratitis is caused by the contact lens, solutions. or over use, it is generally better to discontinue the contacts use until this or other types of keratitis clear up before laser surgery should be pursued. Remember the laser prints a permanent correction or the patient's cornea and it is always best if all conditions are at their best before this treatment is performed. Hence clear up all problems before the laser treatment is performed. 
Certainly, people who have had contact lens keratitis can have refractive surgery after the eye has completely healed from that condition.  If the keratitis came from contact lens wear, then you would not likely have a recurrence after surgery. If your keratitis was related to dryness of your eyes, it could reoccur as LASIK can often make eyes dryer for several months.

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