Is there a cure for eyelash growth abnormalities?

Because most eyelash abnormalities arise from genetic disorders, it is difficult to prevent them. Genetic counseling may be a consideration for parents have symptoms of a genetic disease that includes an eyelash growth abnormality. Prenatal testing can also alert an expecting couple, who show no symptoms themselves, to the possibility of a genetic disorder that includes symptoms of eyelash abnormalities. When well informed, a couple can help know what to expect from a pregnancy.

The medication to encourage eyelash growth usually requires consistent application in order to keep the abnormality from recurring. Removal of the excessive or extra eyelash growth will, more than likely, need to be done repeatedly. A medication known as bimatoprost may treat eyelash abnormalities that cause you to have little or no eyelash growth. When placed along the upper lid, at the root of the lashes, the medication will produce new lash growth after a minimum of two months application. Bimatoprost must be used continuously in order for it to work. Once it is discontinued, eyelash growth can cease and your original symptoms may return.

Some side effects to treatment of sparsely grown eyelashes occur from the medication, bimatoprost. Your eyes may become red, itchy, or dry. You may also see the skin around your lids become darker. Your irises may turn brown and remain that way. Also, you may find hair growing in places around your eyes where the medication may have dripped.

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