What contact lenses are available for older people?

Dr. Doris Day, MD
Today’s offerings are comfortable, disposable, and not terribly expensive. You can even get colored lenses if you’d like to “try on” a new eye color, perhaps to go with your newly colored hair or your silver-haired look. Talk about an instant make-over!

Another contact lens option, if you’re both near-sighted and far-sighted, is “monovision.” Whichever eye is strongest for each correction gets that strength of lens. Your eyes adjust almost instantly so that you can read and use the computer without glasses, and drive and watch movies without glasses as well. If you’re just getting to the point where you need reading glasses, this trick will keep you from giving that fact away. You’ll be able to read small print on restaurant menus, for instance, without whipping out those tell-tale “readers.”

If you do wear contact lenses, learn to put them in and take them out without pulling on the delicate skin around your eyes. Also, be extra careful to moisturize your eye area and use sun protection. Laugh lines around you eyes will be more visible if you’re wearing contacts than if you were wearing glasses.

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