Preserve Your Vision with DHA Omega-3s

Preserve Your Vision with DHA Omega-3s

Got your heart set on a salmon dinner tonight? (Heck, can we come grill with you? You're probably better at it than Mehmet.) Eating as little as one serving a week of your favorite finned food (newsflash coming) can cut the risk of losing your sight by 42% compared with folks who eat fish only once a month.

This simple menu change could keep you from joining the 9 million U.S. adults over 40 who already have some vision loss from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Nothing else (except quitting smoking) does more to prevent or slow the onset of this sight stealer. So go fish -- even if it's just in your grocery store's seafood department. (How healthy are your eyes? Take our Eye Health Assessment to find out.)

What's the fishy ingredient? Bet you already know. Yep, DHA-omega-3 fatty acid. This good fat shields your vision in the same way that it protects you from heart disease, colon cancer, stroke, and allergies: It reduces inflammation and revs up your immune system. It also protects the nerves in your eyes that are critical for sight. (Are your vision changes normal? Read this to find out.)

How to reel in top benefits:

1. Pick the winners. The fish highest in healthy omega-3s and lowest in mercury are salmon and trout. Canned tuna is a good, handy, affordable source, too.

2. Think 3s: While one serving of fish a week is good, more is better. We eat at least three fist-size servings of omega-3-rich fish per week.

3. Be sure. Food may not supply enough omega-3s, so take an algae-based supplement that's high in DHA omega-3, the best type. Why algae? It's where fish get their omega-3. Go to the source! Aim for 900 milligrams a day.