What is uveitis?

The eye is shaped much like a tennis ball, with three different layers of tissue surrounding the central gel- filled cavity.

The innermost layer is the retina, which senses light and helps to send images to your brain. The middle layer between the sclera and retina is called the uvea. The outermost layer is the sclera, the strong white wall of the eye. Uveitis (pronounced you-vee-EYE-tis) is inflammation of the uvea.

Uveitis (commonly called "iritis" when it involves the front of the eye) is inflammation of a specific group of tissues inside the eye (including one or more of the following: iris, ciliary body, and choroid). Symptoms may include: eye redness, light sensitivity, pain with focusing, blurry vision, or floaters. It can be associated with other systemic medical conditions and involve one or both eyes. Recurrences are not uncommon. Treatment may include medications delivered by drops, ointments, pills, infusions, injections around or in the eye, or special implants. Delay in diagnosis can make episodes more difficult to treat. See your eye doctor immediately if you believe that you have uveitis or iritis.
Uveitis is an inflammation in the pigmented tissue of the eye which can affect tissues in the front and in the back of the eye. Pigmented tissue in the back of the eye lies underneath the retina. The inflammation itself usually does not cause a physical tear in the retina, but the retina may be elevated by fluid that results from the inflammation. Your EyeMD will check your retina for tears and for such elevation, so be sure to take any prescribed medication and keep follow-up appointments as he/she recommends.   

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