How can I calm down after an eye injury?

If you are anxious after a bombing or blast and eye injury, your feelings are normal. Bombings and blasts are intentional events meant to cause death, fear, and destruction. Most veterans tell of having high levels of distress after bombings. Some lose their dearest friends in these catastrophic events, only worsening the emotional impact it can have.

Keep in mind that with any catastrophic event, fear and distress reactions are normal and can be managed. You may experience physical reactions such as fatigue and exhaustion, GI problems, or racing heartbeat for no reason at all.

In addition, you may experience emotional reactions such as depression and sadness, anger, and anxiety. Or you might have cognitive reactions with as recurring dreams, difficulty focusing at work or feeling disoriented. Other problems may include sleep issues, crying for no reason at all and even abuse of alcohol or drugs.

The fact that you are alive should give you the strength to move forward in life. Talk to your VA doctor and seek treatment for all your feelings. Talking about the event with a mental health professional is important for your recovery. You may need prescribed medications initially to deal with feelings of depression or anxiety. But trained professionals can work closely with you to help you cope with the trauma and then reclaim your normal life again as you move beyond the event.

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