What are some tips for applying eye drops?

Laura C. Fine, MD
Here are some tips for applying eye drops:
  • If you have a strong blink reflex, try lying flat on your back and putting a drop on your cheek, outside the lid of your closed eye and near your nose. Then open your eye and the drop will roll in.
  • If your hands are shaky, try approaching your eye from the side so you can rest your hand on your face to help steady your hand. You can also try putting a wrist weight of 1 to 2 pounds on the hand you're using, which can reduce mild shaking.
  • If the dropper is attached directly to the bottle (as opposed to a separate dropper) and you have trouble holding on to it, wrap something (such as a paper towel) around it.
  • You can also purchase an assistive device (available at medical supply stores) to help you put in eye drops.

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