Why do I need protective eyewear when playing tennis?

You need protective eyewear when you play tennis to avoid eye injury from a tennis ball. Shatterproof frames with ASTM F803 polycarbonate lenses are the standard for shatterproof eyeglasses to avoid eye injuries from hard projectiles such as tennis balls. Standard lenses will shatter when hit by tennis balls, which can travel at speeds over 100 miles per hour. Functionally one-eyed athletes should wear protective eyewear to protect from injury to the remaining good eye. 
Playing tennis puts your eyes at risk for a sports-related injury. Athletes should wear appropriate, sport-specific protective eyewear properly fitted by an eye care professional.

Lenses made from polycarbonate materials provide the highest level of impact protection. They can withstand a ball or other projectile traveling at 90 miles per hour. Protective eyewear won't harm your performance and could well save your sight.

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